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Why Outsource Document Scanning or Imaging

Reduce Costs and CAPEX

Proper scanning equipment and the computing power required to run it have a huge price tag associated with it. 

Scanning is also a very labor-intensive process that involves a minimum of five (5) people.

Outsourcing removes this cost.

Remove Time Consuming Tasks

Having existing staff do scanning will eat up a lot of their working time which potentially can result in losing efficient admin staff and earning very bad scanning operators.

Having to deal with time bound Service Level Agreements (SLAs) adds even more pressure and stress to your internal teams.

Business Cases

Areas where outsourcing can help

  • Shared Services Functions
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Accounts Receivable Processing
  • Digitizing Medical Records
  • Human Resources (HR) 201 Processing

Focus on Strategic Work and Core Competency

Outsourcing can also help your employees focus on strategic work instead of doing very laborious admin work.

A great example are Human Resources Supervisors and Managers having to process compliance reports.  This is just a waste of talent.

Instead of focusing on employee enagement and retention, they are bogged down by compliance documentation.


Some of the companies we work with on these business cases.


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