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What Is Automatic Indexing and Why It Matters in Document Scanning

Automatic Indexing is the process of assigning documents with search terms for search and retrieval purposes. This process in searches is widely used today to lessen the time of the search. It uses a computer to scan a large volume of documents against a dictionary, rather than manual indexing which makes use of manpower due to manual typing.

Who uses Automatic Indexing?

There are plenty of companies that use automatic indexing today. Even online catalogs, periodical databases, and internet search engines use automatic indexing. By automatic indexing, searching is faster and more reliable. One good example is searching for something via the internet and getting fast and reliable results.

What are the possible advantages of Automatic Indexing?

There are numerous advantages to using automatic indexing. One very obvious advantage of automatic indexing is it lessens the job of the user (human) to scan and search a document as fast as how a computer can. Other than that, the computer can also categorize each search it has made. Through this innovation, users are no longer obliged to do such tedious work of scanning, searching, and categorizing. However, users may still have to check for errors but it is still considered easier compared to manually doing everything.


Advantages of Automatic Indexing

  • Predictability
  • More sophisticated than manual indexing
  • Great for similar material
  • Less expensive
  • Can extract terms and cluster them as well
  • Can help users find information faster and more thoroughly.
  • It can be applied to a great number of texts without any hassle.
  • Faster, more reliable, and cost-effective compared to manual indexing.
  • Practically it compensates for differences among the terms used in searches and indexing terms.

While there are advantages to automatic indexing, it also has some disadvantages. For instance, one disadvantage of automatic indexing is, it is not flexible. However, the more it is being used, the system learns even more from the entries made by the users. In finding information,  both human and automatic indexing can help users. However, compared to automatic indexing, human or manual indexing takes up a lot of time. It is more tedious and expensive. In terms of technique, automatic indexing has more methods compared to human indexing. To top it all, automatic indexing is well suited for the online environment where there are masses of documents stored and companies with massive amounts of data.


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