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Using Document Management System (DMS) for Successful Remote Work

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As people get used to working from home, some of the tech giants started to permit office workers to work from home permanently. Following their lead might prove challenging for a lot of companies. Aside from the difficulty of companies to let go of their office space and in-person communication, other business heads were worried about the lack of control of the employees, paper-based processes and storage, data security issues, and the difficulty of tracking one’s productivity.

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Document management system as a major tool for remote and office workers

Having a cloud-based document management system could benefit both remote and office workers. Aside from the capability to access documents remotely in a structured system, businesses are provided with secure document sharing, be able to comply with document storage policies by gov’t agencies such as AMLC, BIR, FDA, DOH, etc, and easily provide audit documentation, so employees can do audit work and share audit documentation wherever they are.

  • Access and share documents across the organization, whether you’re in the office or at home.
  • Prevent the loss of data and the accidental deletion of records.
  • Find documents quicker and easier with its enhanced search capabilities.
  • Convert scanned files/images to text using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality and indexing capabilities.
  • Protect and preserve documents and the integrity and authenticity of the information.
  • Prevent unauthorized viewing of documents by allowing document administrators to create permissions based on each user's needs, privileges, and role.
  • Track users who viewed, printed, and downloaded files with the Audit Trail feature. 
  • Generate insight from business data using the Customizable Reports function.

Key Features of an enterprise-grade document management system

Secure and Organized Storage

Archive One provides database and library-level separation, audit trail, and has the ability to generate access passes. Administrators can track user activity which includes the name of the document they viewed, downloaded, or printed along with the date and time stamp, for the company to monitor and secure any confidential information.

Powerful Search Functionality

Archive One's powerful search engine contains search functionality for documents at all levels in several ways, enabling users to find documents quicker and easier. It allows advanced search to further narrow down results to specific documents or other items such as notes. The administrator has the flexibility to customize search fields for a better search experience.

Conversion of Image to Text

Archive One enables users to convert images to searchable text for retrieval purposes by extracting words through manual or automated indexing. The more keyword one creates, the more relevant documents will appear.

Document Version Control

The version control feature ensures that users have access to the latest and updated version of documents while preserving the older versions.

Role-Based User Permissions

A user's role determines what they can and cannot do in the system. This feature prevents data breaches by keeping tighter control over document access and downloads.

Custom Reporting Capabilities

Quickly generate data intelligence reports associated with your Archive One database and libraries with drag and drop reporting. Reports generated can be exported to Excel and PDF for submission.

One system, multiple features. Specially designed for your digital workplace.
Archive One also offers Easy Audit Tool, E-Signature Capabilities, Secure-sharing, One Time Password, Web-based Access, Customizable Preview Watermark, and a lot more.

Archive One Cloud for the new state of work

Success in business can be attributed to the proactive decisions of the people running it. Future-proof your business with the right technological tools.

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We offer scanning services and a cloud-based document management system as a cost-saving solution for organizations looking to maximize workforce productivity, control their records, comply with AMLC requirements, and easily keep up with periodic audits.

Archive One is a document management system (DMS) designed to help companies easily classify, store, secure, and retrieve essential company documents that are needed for retention and audits. With our partners' help, we provide an end-to-end document management solution from scanning to document storage at a highly competitive price.

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