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The True Cost of Document Scanning

It is common for businesses to assume that scanning is an easy task and that it would take minimal effort and cost. Contrary to common belief, document scanning requires multiple steps and components. It involves more than feeding documents in a scanner.  Choosing to DIY scan or outsourcing to a service provider requires careful consideration.  If you choose the latter, the first step is to identify the volume, storage mechanisms, and quality of the paper to be able to come up with a price estimate.


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Factors that affect scanning costs


Document Preparations

Scanning operators need to be trained and to be experienced in preparing the documents. This makes the whole operation efficient and free from errors. Document preparations include the following tasks:

  • Remove staple wires
  • Paste receipts
  • Take out from folders and fasteners
  • Put back into fasteners and back into folders
  • Arrange the folders

Old documents and special papers require extra steps to prevent damage.

By the time the scanner operator finishes all of these, the operator's output goes down by twenty (20) pages. Now making the cost of scanning is Php 25.00 per page.


High-volume production-type document scanners are being utilized for quicker and higher output. It is crucial for scanning partners to choose a scanner with the best design and technology available since aside from speed, one has to consider the image quality for reading and indexing or OCR (optical character recognition) and the paper path for a smoother paper flow.


The indexing function makes document searches possible. This can be done through manual data entry or automatic data extraction.


Scanning projects are bound by service-level agreements. Supervisors and Project Managers ensure quality by managing the staff involved, making sure the processes followed by design and working properly, and the output is done according to the client’s expectations and delivered within the agreed timeline.


Company documents contain confidential information that needs to be protected every step of the way. A document scanning partner has to prove to be credible enough to be entrusted with documents. The main identifier for this is the facility and the quality of its production staff. They need to have passed the integrity assessments and background checks before being hired and have the proper training. A manager to oversee the process is also needed to ensure adherence to security measures.


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Scanning is all about output. Processes that slow down output affect the bottom line. Making mistakes in estimating a 1,000-page job may just be painful, but making mistakes on a 1,000,000-page job is a disaster.

Selecting a scanning solutions provider is your first step in outsourcing your scanning jobs. You want to know that a partner is Data Privacy Act Compliant and will be able to meet the project’s timeline, and budget, and deliver superb results. Go Paperless, our scanning service brand has established procedures and security controls of the highest standards to ensure the on-time delivery of projects. We have thousands of satisfied customers from different industries who rely on our service.

Archive One is a document management system designed to help companies easily classify, store, secure, and retrieve essential company documents that are needed for retention and audits. With the help of our partners, we provide an end-to-end document management solution from scanning to document storage, at a highly competitive price.


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