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Industry: Human Resource/Staffing

Duration: January 2020 to September 2021

About Kforce:
Kforce is a US-based placement firm specializing in matching skilled technology and finance workers with the companies that need them. The specialty staffing firm provides temporary staffing services (and, to a lesser extent, permanent placement) primarily in information technology, finance, and accounting.


Scanning, attachment of digital signature, and archiving and retrieval of Finance and HR docs

Physical records destruction

Project Description:

Kforce had to close down its Manila operations to focus on US operations. They were left with more than a million pages of documents that needs to be kept according to federal and local record retention requirements. However, the real challenge for both parties was the business shutdowns and community lockdowns that resulted in some project delays.  

Our team was tasked to scan 1.25 million pages of Finance and HR documents. These documents were indexed and uploaded to their own Archive One DMS for faster search and retrieval. While the digital signature software and service were provided by our team, we partnered with SGS to certify the digitally signed documents and make them admissible to court. In the final phase of the project, our physical storage partner—Crown Worldwide carried out the destruction of the physical documents.



Reduced costs. By moving inactive data from inaccessible physical storage to a document management system, Kforce will no longer incur storage costs from its physical storage facility. In addition to that, they were also able to prevent moving their documents from the Philippines to the US, where their headquarters is located.

Document accessibility. The Kforce team can easily retrieve any document they need from a centralized digital location.

Compliance. The digitization initiative helped Kforce meet strict industry and federal compliance requirements concerning the retention and eligibility of their digital documents.

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