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How document scanning and document management system (DMS) support non-profits


Document management is important in non-profit organizations as it is to any organization or business out there. However, there are key nuances that necessitate the need for a proper document management system in non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations have to deal with such issues as tax returns, board member files, donor records, and volunteer applications. Therefore, non-profits have to implement document management solutions that can reduce storage use, allow immediate access to required information, and improve workflows.

Having a document scanning and management system supports non-profits in the following ways:

Security and Compliance for non-profits

A non-profit organization has to ensure that it has proof of all the donations and how they are being spent, hence the need for a good record-keeping system. A document management system allows documents to be scanned and managed electronically in a bid to safeguard paper trails. Some of the key standard security measures include history logs, audit trails, individual user security settings, encryption, and level-based permission access. All the information is stored in a database of sensitive non-profit documents that include tax returns, donor records, and volunteer applications among others.

1. Remote Access

With an electronic recordkeeping system, easy and secure access to documents is made possible, especially for volunteers and employees of non-profits that are spread across the globe. This enables business continuity, collaboration, and overall operational efficiency as the document management system connects people with information in an efficient way.

2. Reduced Costs Associated With Paper Use

Document management systems allow easier conversion to digital storage. This eliminates the need for storage cabinets and paper for recording and storing information. In the process, the searching, compiling, and creation process becomes simplified, improving overall productivity. By implementing a document management system, the non-profit will be cutting down on time and costs associated with the creation and handling of paper documents.

3. Simplified Compliance

A document management software (DMS) aids non-profits in meeting their legal obligations and dealing with the complexity of compliance. Nonprofits are required by laws to adhere to data retention policies and keep detailed records of donations and other financial transactions. Switching from paper-based to electronic document management is a surefire way to easily prepare for and pass internal and external audits. 

  • Keep a record of critical documents and maintain the right version with the version control
  • Limit access with access control 
  • Keep an audit trail to ensure operational integrity
  • Generate compliance reports with a drag-and-drop reporting tool
  • Reduce audit time and costs
  • Set document retention schedules

4. Streamlined Organizational Processes

There has been a growing demand for tools that will give non-profits the ability to achieve automated processes, extract data that is of high value, and capture content. This has forced non-profits to turn to a document management system since they allow for streamlined processes starting from the donor, to the organization, and finally the recipient. A document management system allows for improved productivity and efficiency in previously time-consuming processes such as the circulation of organizational documents.

Archive One for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations create massive amounts of documents and are required to keep records for monitoring, grant-making procedures, financial compliance, and tax-exemption purposes.  With Archive One's special features, nonprofits are able to deal with compliance easily and focus on achieving their mission.



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