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Easier Compliance Audits with Archive One's Multi-Window Preview Feature

Auditing is often a tedious task. It requires checking and examining different files and documents. A lot of times, the user has a couple of files open at a time to look up data and information from multiple sources. Also, some tasks have the user compare two or more documents. This can become complicated and time-consuming in the long run. This is where Archive One has you covered.

Archive One is a document management system that is designed to help businesses make compliance and audits easy. It helps the company organize and collate data in such a way that makes storing, retrieving, and securing files and documents as efficient as possible. As technology advances in the business sector, new regulations and guidelines have been put in place by the government. Keeping up with them has been a real challenge, especially with businesses that are just starting to digitize their processes. 

The latest update introduces new features that improve productivity even more. Within the system, one can now open multiple files simultaneously. This reduces time in switching between documents and streamlines the workflow in the system. 

To access this feature, head to the document browser. Right-click the document you want to open, then on the popup menu click “Open in new window”. A new floating window will now open and preview the document. Alternatively, you can also access this via an already previewing document. To do this head over to the document browser then preview the document by Left-clicking it. It will then preview your document above the document browser. Then right-click the document and click “Open in new window”. This will, in turn, preview the document on a separate popup window. 

You can do this multiple times with different files and view all at the same time by repeating the steps above. You can then position and reposition these popup windows by clicking and dragging. 

In the latest update, notes or comments can now be attached to specific documents that we are previewing. This helps in annotation and adding information and footnotes that are not on the document itself.

To do this simply click the “+ Notes” button at the bottom left corner of the popup preview window. A new popup window will appear and there you can type in the notes you wish to add. When you are done, click on the ”Save” button and your notes will be attached to the document. You can add multiple separate notes to the document. This will be saved together with a time stamp so you know when they were added. 

To view all the notes attached to the document, click the “Notes” button at the bottom left corner of the window beside the “+ Note” button. This will open a new popup window listing all the notes attached according to their timestamps. 

Archive One’s latest update also lets you view all the notes and comments that you have attached to documents. The system generates a report based on the parameters that you entered.  

To do this, click “Report” on the menu bar at the top. Then head to “Document Notes” This will now open the Document Notes Report form. At the top of the form, you can select the date range of the notes that you want the system to retrieve. After selecting the dates, click the “Generate Report” button.  

The system then generates a list of all notes made and attached to documents within the dates that you provided. The list shows the specific document a note is attached to, the note itself, and the date and time it was made. 

With these new features in place, Archive One enhances productivity as it streamlines the workflow. This assures that the user has all the tools that he needs to be productive and efficient.

Multi Preview Window
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  Archive One 9 - Multi Window Preview

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