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Document Validation Using QR Codes in Archive One 


Quick Response codes (QR codes) have gained even more popularity during the pandemic due to the contactless way to access and share information. It’s now being used to download an app, access Wi-Fi, send and receive payments, and more. In Archive One, we use QR codes so the authenticity of shared documents can be verified easily. This can be done by stamping a QR code on the document and exporting it as a PDF file.




Once downloaded, the PDF file with the QR code can be shared electronically or be printed. The document can then be conveniently validated by a smartphone device using a QR scanning app.








Why should you use the QR code feature to verify your documents?

Businesses face a lot of risks every single day, some of them are document-related such as lack of document control and document fraud. Document verification aims to stop these issues from arising. By scanning the QR code in the document, it’s now possible to ensure that your copy of the document is the same as the one in your official database, and have the peace of mind that it is not tampered with.

This technology is being used by companies and government agencies like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for “Certificate to a Foreign Government” and “Certificate of Exportability” for human food products for easy verification of the authenticity of these certificates.

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