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Do I Need To Scan All My Files

Good question. The answer is... it really depends on the purpose and value of the documents to your business.

These are some pointers that might help you decide.

scan or not


Do you photocopy the records?

If you do, chances are you should. If you photocopy records at least 2 times. You are better off digitizing it.


How often do you have the need to search and retrieve the files?

If the answer is a lot. You might be better off scanning. Makes you work less but come out more efficient.


Do you need to be compliant with something? Are auditors in your case all the time?

Impact if lost

Will you still have a business or a job if you lost the file?

You're an Accountant but feel like a Librarian.

Do you spend a lot of time not doing what you're supposed to be doing?

Is your office in a Central Business District (CBD)

You might want to check how much rent your paper files are paying.

In Summary

Talk to someone who knows

Go visit someone who uses digital files or a document management system.

Educate yourself and weigh in the pros and cons.

Check if you even have the time to decide what gets scanned or not.

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