Tips on Getting Started with Document Management and Imaging (AO-142)

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Establish your Business Goals and stick to them

Write down what your success criteria is and document it.  Be pragmatic.

Plan and analyze

Identify how your document management initiatives will change your business. (Who will do the work, and what work will be reduced?)

Understand your retrieval requirements

Understand how you find files. This will help you save costs on indexing or tagging. If your company normally finds an employee record by Employee number, then that is all you need to index.  There needs to be a balance between costs and benefit.

Choose the right Vendor

Partnering with the right vendor is essential. Do they understand support and have the technical capabilities?  Can they do integration work in order to leverage my investments on an existing database system? Or is the vendor just a reseller with overseas support?  Do they understand your business issues and goals? Get track record information.

Start small and manage the change

This is a very important suggestion to our customers. You should pick a department to start with and learn from it. New business processes can’t be learned overnight.

Cut down on the number of printers

This might sound like an odd suggestion, but it actually works. If the company places printers in locations where people need to walk, it cuts down on unnecessary printing.

You should store imaged documents offsite

This is not only cheaper, it also prevents people from going back to bad old habits like using paper records.

- Archive One Team