Introduction to Document Management Systems (AO-144)

Tags: Introduction to Document Management Systems, DMS

Document Management Systems

A Document Management System (DMS) is a piece of software that allows users to store, organize and retrieve digital records. (These can be scanned images, photos and general office documents).

Characteristics of Document Management Systems

Support for file types

  • Images (tiff, png, bmp, jpg) - Supports images
  • Office Documents - Supports general Microsoft Office files (*.docx, *.xlsx, *.pptx and etc)
  • Multimedia Files - Supports multimedia files (*.mp3, video files and etc)
  • Complex Files - Supports files with many associated files (Autocad Drawings, GIS files)

Storage Mechanisms

  • Custom File Storage Format - Files are stored on a custom/proprietary format.
  • Standard Database Files - Files and metadata are stored on industry standard databases (Microsoft SQL, ORACLE, MySQL and others)
  • Binary Storage - Files are stored within a database, and not just links to the file system.
  • File Links - Metadata (indices) are stored on a database and files are stored on a file system with a link.

Deployment Architecture

  • On-Premise - The DMS software is deployed on a local network.
  • Off-Premise (Cloud Hosting) - The DMS software is deployed on a virtual machine with a cloud hosting company.

Security Features

  • Roles and User Level Access - Varying degrees of access and functions related to a user's role.
  • Access Logs - Access to files are tracked and logged.

Version Control

  • Version and Revision Control - Version numbers are incremented everytime an update is checked-in.

Workflow Support

  • Document Processing Workflow - Supports the routing of documents.
  • Document Approval Workflow - Supports the approval scenarios for documents.

Data Mining Capabilities

  • Data Mining - The DMS is able to present aggregated data based on the content of the database.
  • Report Generation - The DMS is able to create reports such as document inventory and reports about metadata associated with the DMS' content.

Technical Support

  • Local or International Support - The DMS is supported by an in-country team or off-shore.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • Supports OCR - OCR is a technology that grabs text from image files to make the text searchable.

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