Document Management System Project Checklist (AO-148)

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About this checklist

This is a general checklist we hope would help you with the proper implementation of a Document Management System (DMS).  We have provided a "Guides" section on our website for more information.


  • Identify project goals and objectives
  • Allocated resources for the project (budgets and personnel)
  • Identify the success criteria

Project Team

  • Aligned with project goals and objectives
  • Aligned with the success criteria
  • Defined a project plan and owner
  • Stakeholder inclusion and consultation (business, operations and IT)
  • Project information campaign and buy-in
  • Plan for a scaled rollout if possible (Departmental or workflow based)
  • Plan for process change management
  • Plan for electronic and paper storage

Background Information

  • Project team and stakeholders understand the technology and what it can and cannot deliver


  • Clearly defined needs and requirements
  • Clearly identified roles, accountability and ownership
  • Clearly identified workflows related to documents and records
  • Clearly identified users


  • Consulted IT stakeholders
  • Defined at least a 3 to 5 year growth estimate (sizing for hardware and storage)
  • Defined system availabilty and down-time targets (High availability or not)

Vendor Selection

  • Customer and Partner reviews
  • Solution Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis
  • Alignment with proejct goals and objectives
  • Total offering including value added services
  • Availability of Technical Support

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