Disaster Recovery Planning for Documents and Records in the Philippines (Ref: AO-102)

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Disaster Central

Let's face it our country is disaster prone, man-made or natural.

Typhoon Ondoy and Yolanda are just some of the few names that remind us how vulnerable we are.

Just the other day there was a serious fire at the South Super Highway Medical Center. Fortunately, no one died or got seriously injured from the tragedy. However, due to the fire, many instruments, machines, and documents were damaged or completely destroyed.  The hospital will now have to start again and rebuild everything they’ve lost because of the fire. Read full article

What if this type of incident happened to your business? Do you have a disaster recovery plan in place to protect all of yours, and your customers valuable documents and records?
Don’t let this happen to your business. Prevent the tragic loss, damage or destruction of important documents due to natural or human-induced disasters by planning for it.

Thing we should all do

  • Identify risks and impact to your business
  • Plan for continuity and recovery
  • As a minimum scan and back up documents to another site
  • Create policies that ensure all company records are protected
  • Create a team that addresses these issues

Some questions to ponder on

- Will our business survive fire?
- What documents do we need to protect?
- What is the likelyhood of flooding in our office?
- Where are our land titles stored?
- What are the legal issues I face if I lost all my business records?
- Is anyone in the business planning for this?

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