Archive One Deployment Scenarios (AO-147)

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Archive One Deployment

Note: needs may vary depending on the nature of your operations and business. 

Some typical deployments for Archive One related to size and general use;

  • Webservers are only required if remote access is needed. 
  • Hardware infrastructure detailed here are modelled based on allowable downtimes and concurrent users.
  • Cloud-based deployments are presented with two options (Microsoft Azure and via DataOne Asia for in-country hosting)

Typical Small to Medium Business (SMB) Deployment

Modelled on simple recovery and low to medium user access concurrency (10-50 users).

Typical Enterprise Deployment

Modelled on High Availability (HA) and high user access concurrency (50 and up users).

Cloud Deployment

Archive One is ready for cloud deployment.  Archive One cloud deployments are dedicated Virtual Servers (VMs) and Microsoft SQL Databases and are not multi-tenanted due to the sensitive nature of business documents.

Microsoft Azure

Data One

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