Accounts Payable Processing

Tags: Document management, document archiving, indexing, scanning and organizing in the Philippines with a Document Management System, DMS, accounts payable processing and archiving

The client is a multinational white goods manufacturer, who have set up a global shared services operation in The Philippines.  The client has manufacturing and assembly facilities in more than 40 countries worldwide, and the initial objective was to centralize accounts payable processing.


  • The cost of transporting invoices and supporting documents to the Philippines from the various operations around the world.
  • The volume of invoices.
  • Risk of losing original invoices, multiple invoice formats and layouts.
  • Searching for documents.
  • Collaborating with the individual country operations.


  • Lost or missing invoices.
  • Delays in processing accounts payable.
  • Valuable time lost searching for documents.  
  • Unhappy suppliers.


All documents from around the world are couriered to the Philippines, where they are scanned, indexed and uploaded to a document management system where accounts payable staff can easily access the documents. The DMS has a secure web component which allows staff from international offices to access the scanned invoices in the event of disputes or queries.  Since the documents are already scanned, indexed and stored in a DMS, they are automatically protected as part of the standard backup process.